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Online Finance For Non Financial Managers

In response to the growing demand for flexible learning options, we have taken this programme online, allowing you to make productive use of your time while working remotely.


In response to the growing demand for flexible learning options, we have taken this programme online, allowing you to make productive use of your time while working remotely.

Finance and accounting can often seem like an impenetrable maze of jargon and complexity, leaving individuals without a financial background struggling to make sense of financial information, documents, and reports. Our ‘Online Finance For Non-Financial Managers’ course aims to break through this barrier by providing a practical and clear overview of business finance, empowering delegates to build confidence and knowledge.

Renowned as our most popular offering, this course covers a wide range of essential topics, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Throughout the programme, we delve into the three major accounting statements: the Profit & Loss account, the Balance Sheet, and the Cash Flow statement. You will gain a deep understanding of how these statements are constructed, the principles that underpin them, and their significance in assessing a company's financial health.

One crucial aspect we emphasise is the distinction between cash and profit. Understanding this fundamental difference is essential for making informed business decisions and effectively managing financial resources. Our course will equip you with the knowledge to navigate this distinction and harness it to your advantage.

We place emphasis on interpreting and analysing financial information so that you’re prepared for any question you might face. Armed with the ability to decipher financial reports, you will be equipped to identify key insights, assess performance, and make informed strategic choices.

Central to our approach is ensuring that delegates comprehend the rationale behind the construction of financial accounts. By grasping the subjectivity involved and understanding how to interpret the information they convey, you will gain a holistic understanding of the financial landscape within your company. We go beyond surface-level comprehension, empowering you to analyse financial data critically and extract valuable insights.

By the end of this course, you will possess the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the often intimidating world of finance and accounting. Armed with increased confidence, you will be able to contribute more meaningfully to financial discussions, make informed decisions, and ultimately drive success within your organisation.

"It was an excellent experience taking the course of finance for non-financial managers. It was great to dive into the world of finance and to feel and understand the fundamentals and importance of it. It's not just numbers where you plug in, it's indeed the driving force of any successful organisation. Martin was great in letting us learn and love the subject and elaborate on the best way of technics and examples from the actual reality of the world of finance and Accounting. Great understanding and knowledge. Thank you, Martin"

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